The Top 5 Highest Paid NFL Players

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The Green Bay Packers rewarded their SuperBowl winning quarterback Aaron Rodgers with a new contract in April. The signal caller has won 53 of his 80 starts which the Packers felt was worth 22 million per year. The deal makes Rodgers the highest paid player in the league.

SuperBowl wins mean big contacts for quarterbacks, and Joe Flacco was quickly offered a new deal by the Ravens after winning the big game in 2013. The six year deal is worth 120.6 million.

Drew Brees Read more…

Is Competitive Cheerleading Considered A Sport?

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A sport is defined as any activity that involves skill and physical exertion in which a team or individual competes against another person or team. Technically, competitive cheerleading can be classified as a sport, but many people do not see it that way. In 2009, a coach and several volleyball players tried to sue Quinnipiac University because the school had tried to eliminate volleyball and replace it with competitive cheerleading. A judge ruled in favor of the volleyball players and the coach because he stated that competitive cheerleading could not be Read more…

Sports Scandals: Drug Use In Professional Sports

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Although nobody likes to think about their favorite athletes taking drugs or cheating while playing their sports, it is important to realize that not everyone in the world of athletics follows the rules. Although most of the professionals who play sports do the right thing and stay off of the drugs, there are some bad apples who ruin things for the others who play and enjoy these sports.

Luckily, however, more and more professional athletics leagues are beginning to take Read more…

Which NFL Team Makes The Most Money?

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When looking at which NFL team makes the most money, it is no surprise that the Dallas Cowboys were at the top of the list. The Cowboys, known as America’s team, have continued to impress all with the increasing value of their team. In fact, the Dallas Cowboys have become the first American sporting franchise to reach a worth of over 2 billion.

The Dallas Cowboys’ worth sits at about 1 billion higher than the average worth of the other NFL teams. The team which falls in second place is the New England Patriots, with Read more…

The Five Largest Sports Stadiums In America

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When it comes to the listing of the five largest sports stadiums in America, these venues have a few things in common. Each of the top five is the home of a major college football team. All of the top five (as well as number six) holds at least 100,000 fans. Finally, all of the teams that call these stadiums home have won the national title within the past few decades.

The largest stadium in America is Michigan Read more…

Baseball: Still The Great American Pasttime?

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The Super Bowl is the television event that draws more American viewers than any other on a yearly basis. Does this fact mean that football has replaced baseball as the national pastime? If attendance at the majority of major league stadiums is any indication, baseball still maintains a great deal of popularity among Americans.

In 2012, every major league team drew at least 1.5 million fans to its home games. The top nine teams drew more than 3 million fans each. Millions more flock to minor league parks on Read more…

Where Did Basketball Get Its Start?

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Millions of Americans enjoy the game of basketball. Spectators around the country show up to watch high school, college and professional games every year. The March Madness of the NCAA Tournament each spring is one of the most popular sporting traditions in the nation. Few who were around at the birth of basketball in 1891 would have expected such a spectacle.

Dr. James Naismith created the game of basketball in 1891, and his students played the first basketball game in December of that Read more…

Baseball’s Top 5 Home Run Hitters

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No other sport cherishes its statistics as much as the Great American Pastime of baseball. Even the casual baseball fan knows the significance of numbers such as 56, 61 and 511, to list just a few, but perhaps the most legendary of all baseball milestones is the career home run rankings.

In fifth place, and the only player still active, is Alex Rodriguez with 647 roundtrippers. A-Rod has played 19 seasons and has been a model of power-hitting consistency. The slugging third-baseman has eclipsed 50 HRs three times, with his career best coming in 2002 when he slugged 57. Read more…